Announcing MSP N-central 11

We are very excited to announce that one of the largest releases in our history, MSP N-central 11, becomes available today! When posted this afternoon, it will introduce a host of great new features to our managed services partners including:

  • Integrated MSP Backup & Recovery: A hybrid-cloud backup solution that allows MSPs to backup all on-site devices and manage everything centrally. On-site copies allow for fast restores while off-site copies keep your customers data safe.
  • Role-based User Permissions: A fantastic new way to control access within your MSP N-central server.  Create users, access groups and roles to secure your systems like never before.
  • Custom PSA integration: All new APIs are available to integrate your third party or in-house ticketing solution with N-central.
  • Patch Management Control: The Patch Homepage brings all of your patch management elements together in a single, easy to navigate screen.
  • Mac scripting: Automation has arrived for your managed Mac® devices by means of either BASH® or AppleScript®, directly through your N-central Mac Agents.
  • Downtime in Maintenance Windows: The power and flexibility of Maintenance Windows has been added to device downtime giving you the ability to quiet notifications on a given device during multiple periods.
  • Monitoring Enhancements: A deeper monitoring experience for Exchange, Oracle and Active Directory.
  • UI Improvements: In accordance with our objective to provide the best user experience possible, we’ve added several enhancements to the N-central UI coupled with faster loading of longer pages of data.
  • Two-step Verification: Enhanced N-central security using solutions such as Google Authenticator®
  • AVD 6.0 Engine Upgrade: The power and performance of an enhanced AV Engine.

For those upgrading, be sure to check out the Announcements forum in the N-able Resource Center for important details.

This new update will be available for download by our on-premises partners today.  Our hosted partners will receive the update with the release of the first hotfix which is expected early in 2017.  Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel for video content and a refreshed technical demo soon!

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Scott Parker

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